Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of our students and families! 
Have a fun and safe break we will see you Tuesday January 6th and Wednesday January 7th. 
Pictures of the Christmas Performance will be posted soon! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Christmas Songs

(All girls) Handel's Dream- The Forgotten Carols

Tuesday 3:15
Ballet: Angel Chorus- Children's Lullaby
Jazz: Up on the Housetop- Children's Lullaby
          Twist and Shout- Children's Music

Tuesday 4:15
Ballet: Shepard's Watch- Children's Lullaby
Jazz: Little Saint Nick- Beach Boys
          Gitchi Gitchi Goo- Phineas and Ferb

Tuesday 5:15
Ballet: Candle Light Carol- Children's Lullaby
Jazz: I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
          Shake It Off- Taylor Swift

Thursday 4:15
Ballet: Silent Night- Children's Lullaby
Jazz: Two Front Teeth- Children's Lullaby
          Peppermint Twist- Jo dee

Little Boys
Run, Run Rudolph- Bryan Adams
Treasure- Bruno Mars

Big Boys
Shake Up Christmas- Train
Yeah 3X- Chris Brown

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Classes start next week! Still time and room for you to sign-up! We would love to see you again! :)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

National Dance Day

Saturday July 26- 11 am
Place: Santaquin's Rodeo Arena 
175 South 400 West

Join us for a National Dance Day FLASH MOB at the Little Buck-a-Roo Rodeo at approximately 11 am. Dance Studios and individuals are encouraged to learn the routine ahead of time and then come join the FLASH MOB (links will be posted on the Santaquin Rec Facebook Page and 
Contact Kim Hunsaker at 801-754-1617 or with questions. No registration required. 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Driving to UVU Ragan Theatre

Driving Instructions to UVU’s Ragan Theater- When you get off the Freeway stay in the outside left lane to go into the UVU left turning lane. Then keep right of the roundabout and go up the hill (East) on College Drive it will turn and continue North coming past a stop. Still heading North, keep following College Drive heading East pass the LDS Institute Building on your left. There may be free parking in the institute- but it is a walk to the building. All Green and Yellow Lots are $1.00 a hour before 5:00pmPlease pay accordingly- parking tickets are $40.00 or more. Your guests that come after 5:00pm can park for free in the yellow and green lots.
 Your best place is to turn into the Parking Garage on the left right before the round glass building.
Parking is $1.00 an hour Prepaid. We will be done at 8:30pm. Sorry I did not know they started charging for parking to pay the bond on the new parking garage.  

  1.  Remember you’re parking stall number- on the cement at the end of your car.
  2.  Go to the Parking Pay by the Space Machine and pay for the 5 hours that you are there.
  3. The 2nd floor is the only floor you can enter the building on. You may want to park on the second floor.
  4. Go into the Sorenson Center through the buildings double doors- Turn left- walk down the hall past the Men Kings and Women Queens photos.
  5. The Ragan Theater is on the left down the hall. There are bathrooms straight ahead if you need them.
  6. Go in the doors and down the Ragan Theater to the right side of the stage.  The Bathrooms and Green room is there to place your costume bags.
  7. Girl’s classes Tues 4:15 and 5:15 will be in the Girls/ bathroom dressing area.
  8. Little girls Tuesday 3:15 and Thursday 4:15 will be in the Green room 111 across the hall.
  9.  Both Boys classes will be in the Boys dressing/ bathroom. Please change and keep your costume bags there.
  10. Line up and stay with your class.
  11. Map of UVU included below.

Dance Photos

Parents and Dancers                                                                           May 30, 2014

It has been a great year. Wednesday June 4th is the day they have practiced for these last few months. Please be at the Ragan Theater at 4:00pm.

Recital DVD's $15 Make checks to Bryce Walker and give them to me. There will be no other Recording allowed that night. You are allowed to tape during the Dress Rehearsal.
 He is able to break through the harsh lighting that other cameras just can’t do. The Year of Dance slide show will be on the DVD too. If you are still interested in a DVD bring me your check in an envelope with your name on it. So I will be able to give it to him that night.

Don’t forget to bring a water bottle and a sack lunch. We will have a break approx. 6:15-6:45pm to eat. They have allowed us to eat there if we have only water, non-messy and no crumbly food. They do not want any brought in food from fast food restaurants. Please clean up any food mess you make and also the bathroom and green room areas.  

Those who have offered to help at the Recital let me know how many seats you need (Reasonable amount) you can get a reserved paper to place on yourchairs after the Dress Rehearsal. If I don’t hear from you I can’t save your seats.

Ushers- We have only 1 usher my son, and we need 2 ushers. You may have saved seats for your family up front too. You would need to be oriented at6:20pm. They will give you a usher tag. You will need to be at the doors from6:30pm until the Recital is over. Let me know if you can help. Ages 18 and up please.

Costume Bag- Please put your Pink or Blue Utah Valley Dance T shirt, Girls-shorts and slippers in the bag. Please put your name on every item including the hair bands and slippers.
Hair bands should be folded in half and Bobbie pinned 4 times in a Cris cross both directions so they don’t roll forward or back.

Come dressed in your First Costume- the one you wore 2 weeks ago to class. Tuesday 3:15 class is on stage first. Tuesday 4:15 lined up on stage ready to go on, all other classes need to be there and lined up ready. It does take a few minutes to get from the parking inside to the dressing area- please plan accordingly.
We will practice the main Ballet and Jazz/ Hip Hop songs 1-12. Then have all the girls change into their Utah Valley T shirt/ Shorts, Boys- Utah Valley T shirts and Levi’s. We will then practice the Pre- show dances and Finale.

Many of the dancers missed practice last week or the weeks before or been late to class. Please go to the Bottom of theutahvalleydance.blogspot you can play the songs for them to practice too. Also All Dance notes will be on there if you lost any.

The dancers are excited to perform for you. Let’s make it a day they will always remember. Tired dancers don't dance, so let’s all try to keep them calm and happy so they have the energy to perform that evening.

Signups for Dance When School starts in August being taken now. See signup sheets. I will be advertising next week so sign up now if you want a place.

We will be having a Flash Mob for National Dance Day instead of theSantaquin Parade this year. Making the float getting a trailer, truck and sound system was just too much.
National Dance Day is Saturday July 26, 2014. You will go online to learn the routine for 2014 and then during Santaquin’s Orchard Days- Little Buck A Roo’s Rodeo we will have a time we will break out in our Flash Mob. We are so excited to do this.  Mark your calendars and let me know if you or others are interested, the more the better. All ages welcome.  You can wear your Pink or Blue Utah Valley Dance T shirt to represent our studio. Other studios will be invited to participate with us too. You do not need to be a member of dance to dance with us.

Class Photos- this Monday
Lifetouch Photography

Monday June 2nd 2014 at 9:00AM
Pictures will be taken in the Dance Studio
1147 Valley View Dr. Santaquin,Utah
Please be on time so everyone can be in the Group Photo The photos will hang in the Studio for years to come.
Please support your team. (Let me know if you cannot be there so we don’t wait for you).

9:00AM- Tuesday 3:15PMClass-
To Be a Mother-Purple and pink Bring your doll--- Happy Feet- Red Tutu (7- girls) Taylor will be gone

9:20AM- Tuesday 4:15PMClass-
On Top of the World- Blue lace shorts---Frozen- Pink long dress (9 girls)

9:40AM- Tuesday 5:15PM Class-
Let Her Go- Purple long dress---Replay- Pink and Black Dot pants (8 girls)

10:00AM- Thursday 4:15PM Class-
I Do- White Fringe skirt---Under the Sea instead of Kiss the girl-Mermaid costume (12 girls)

10:20AM- Tuesday 6:10PM Class-
Crusin- Red T shirt and Black Jacket/ Jeans- Break Your Heart -white shirt, Red Bow tie, Hat and Black Suspenders/ Jeans (9 Boys) I will give you the rest that day

10:35AM- Thursday 5:10PM Class-
 Radioactive- Blue and Silver shirt/ Jeans--- Happy -Colored Shirt and Tie with Hat and Suspenders/ Jeans (5 Boys) I will give you the rest that day

All Dancers be in the group photos. If you order a packet you will then have individual photos taken.  Then everyone will change into their second costume for the Group and or Individual photos in the second costume. You may leave when both group photos/individuals are done. 

Tan Dance Tights$9:00-10.00 - If you need New Tights please get them Monday at Photos. So they look nice for photos and on stage.

This is their special day. I hear them talk all year about wanting to dance on the stage again and how fun it is. Their dream of a big curtain, lights and dancing for you.
 Thanks for making this dream come true for them and letting us teach your children.
Happy Dancing.

Check out the Blog-utahvalleydance.blogspot for music to the dances, photos and notes.

Love Miss Kim and Kristin

End of Recital is near!

Here is all the info about the recital you will need. Please read and re read because all of the information is very important for you to know. Thanks!

Tuesday 3:15pm Class
Pre show Group Dance (A) Locomotion
Your girls will wear their Utah Valley Pink Dance T-Shirt
And your own shorts any color or print
Dance song # 1-To be a Mother
Purple and pink sparkle Dress
White Hat with bow in the back
Your own Baby Doll with purple matching dress
Rental Prop-Chairs
One line-- Jovie- Airdree -Hayley-Zoe- Maylee- Taylor- Brooklyn- Ellie
Dance song # 7-Happy Feet
Red Tutu.
Hair boa- Bobbi Pin to the top of head in a straight line by top ponytail
Left to Right
Back Row- Hayley Jovie Airdree Maylee
Front Row- Zoe Taylor Ellie Brooklyn

Tuesday 4:15pm Class
Pre show Group Dance (B) One Way or Another
Your girls will wear their Utah Valley Pink Dance T-Shirt
And your own shorts any color or print
Dance song # 2- On Top of the World
Royal Blue Lace top and pants
Blue Hair tie in a bow on the elastic at the top of their head.
If I notice the tummy is showing while they dance then we will have them wear there long sleeved black leotard under this.
Dance song # 8 Frozen (Let it go)
Pink long dress
Pink Crown- Bobbie pin in 2 xx’s on each of the sides of their hair to stay on.
Left to Right
Back row – Alexis Kate Leah Cierra
Front Row- Paisley Tianna Gabby Brilee Maddie
Tuesday 5:15pm Class
Pre show Group Dance (B) One Way or Another
Your girls will wear their Utah Valley Pink Dance T-Shirt
And your own shorts any color or print
Dance song # 5 Let Her Go
Wear your own White long sleeved Leotard
Under the Pink and Purple Lyrical Dress.
Flower bow pined in hair on top.
Dance song # 11Replay
Pink and Black top and dot pants-
With your own Black long sleeved leotard under.
Hair Sash- Fold in half and tie around the head Bobby Pin in.
Left to Right
Back row – Aspyn Kobbi Evyn Jadis
Front Row – Randee Cassie Bryn Abbie

Thursday 4:15 Class
Pre show Group Dance- (A)- Locomotion
Your girls will wear their Utah Valley Pink Dance T-Shirt
And your own shorts any color or print
Dance Song # 4 I Do
Dad’s waiting on the left side of the stage at the end of the song # 3
White sparkle and Fringe Skirt - if it is loose pin it tighter and on to the leotard.
White Rose Hair Bow
Dance song #10 Kiss the Girl
                         Little Mermaid dress and top
Left to Right
Back Row- Jade Audrey Lily Kelsey Kara Hannah
Front Row- Maddie Jayden Brinley Rylee Presley Daxy

Tuesday 6:10 Boys Hip Hop Class
Pre Show Dance (B) Dynamite
Your Boys will wear their own Utah Valley Blue Hip Hop T-Shirt
And your own dark blue Levis
Dance song # 3 Cruisin
Your Own Dark Blue Levis
Red t- shirt (You keep)
Green Glasses- (You will keep)
Rental- Black Vest and returns to us after the Dance
($20.00 Costume fee doesn’t buy a lot)
Dance song # 9 Break your Heart
You own blue Levis
Your Own White long sleeved church button up shirt (rolled up sleeve)
Or a short sleeved white button up shirt.
Red Bow tie- Fedora Hat- you keep these after the Recital
Left to Right
Back row- Ryker Braxton Ethan Max
Front row- Easton Xander Zane Jax Jonas

Thursday 5:10 Boys Hip Hop Class
Pre Show Dance (D) Good Feeling
Your Boys will wear their own Utah Valley Blue Hip Hop T-Shirt
And your own dark blue Levis
Dance song # 6 Radioactive
Your own dark blue Levis
Grey blue t-shirt leave the tape on until after the Recital
Dance song # 12 Happy
Your own dark blue Levis
Grey or blue shirt and tie -leave the sleeves rolled and buttoned up.
Fedora hat- you keep after the Recital
Suspenders- Rental- please return to us after the dance
($20.00 Costume fee doesn’t buy a lot)
Left to Right
Back row- Preston Carter
Front row- Kaden Brock Ryder

Costume Bag Note 2014
Please keep this to refer to for the Recital June 4, 2014
Please do not let your Dancer wear their costumes around the house or lose anything.Make sure it is hung neatly on a hanger. You may fluff it in the dryer for1 minute with a wet, clean white wash rag or hang in a steamy bathroom, or very low heat iron to get the wrinkles out. Too hot of Dryer heat will melt sequins and material, so be careful. If there is netting please make sure each layer of net is separated and pulled carefully apart. These costumes have been stored in storage containers tightly since I received them. The girls tried them on the last few weeks, and they need a little care from you now. The boy’s hats will be kept for practice here.
Check to see if you need to attach straps tighter to the back of the costumes and hand sew or hem to fit your daughter, Also see if the front needs to be reinforced. All straps need to be attached. Make sure any other items are fitted to your dancer. I do the best I can in ordering sizes for your classes last spring or this year. Some costumes may need to be fitted, hemmed or pinned or sewn in the back to fit the skinny dancers. I cannot fix 108 costumes so it will be up to you to fit them to your dancer. We will fit the ones who are really big, before we give them to you.
Bring your costume bag/ hanger, everything labeled, with your child’s name on, including their ballet slippers, shoes, pants, leotards if worn under a costumes. With all the dancers in one area things can easily be mixed up. Double check your bag for items before and after the Dress Rehearsal and Recital. Please have your dancer’s come to the Dress Rehearsal dressed in their First Costume (It is listed on the top of your Colored Bag Note. This is NOT the T shirt, it is the first costume). For the Recital they will wear their T shirt first. We do it this way for photos to be taken and to not have to put the shirts on twice. Have your girls also wear her new TAN tights, and bring the labeled ballet slippers. Make sure they have gone to the bathroom before they come on stage and before the show. You may not have enough time to take them to the bathroom and get them back for their dance on time during the Recital. We cannot wait for them for pictures or the Recital. Also make sure they are well rested and have had a good meal and are not rushed, or stressed out when they come. (It makes for a grumpy and unhappy dancer). No jewelry or body/hair glitter will be allowed on stage so leave it home. The Ragan Theater will ask you to leave if they see you with glitter on your skin or in your hair.
Modesty- I try very hard to purchase modest costumes. Most Costumes do not have sleeves just like swimsuits don’t have sleeves. (See the New Era Article April 2007)
I have explained costumes are like swimsuits to the girls. The Beauty of Ballet is to see the lines in their arms. When the bodice and straps are sewn high enough that they feel comfortable dancing they will. I do not want to see any low cut bodices or bare bellies. If your daughter wants to wear a Skin colored leotard (Tan Leotard) or Skin Colored Bra under her costume that will also be okay. If they feel comfortable they will dance better.
I have 1 small, 3 int. 3 med and 3 large and 2 small adult on hand they are $16.00 they will be great for changing from one costume to another and being covered up. This is optional. I will not be ordering any more since the price of these have went up to $20.00. I also have a few skin colored Bra’s $12.00.
Dress Rehearsal/Pictures- Wednesday June 4th 4:00-6.30pm Ragan Theater – Utah Valley University • 800 West University Parkway • Orem, UT 84058. Please do not be late. We will start on time and will not wait for late comers. Please be lined up at the stage at least 10 minutes before your time to dance on stage. Please remember it is most important to be ready to dance on stage and STAY WITH YOUR CLASSThen change into their 2nd costume and repeat- dancing on stage. Each number will be practiced only once.
A Mother or older sister will be expected to stay the whole time with your dancers and help them get dressed into their second costumeWe need you there to keep this running smoothly. You will want to bring a sack lunch/ Water bottle for you and your dancer to eat/drink before the Recital, something that would not be messy or ruin their costume. There will be area in the Green room where they can eat, so we keep the Dressing area clean.
Professional Pictures- have your dancer come dressed in their first costume, and bring their Hanging or Costume Bag with their second costume in it. Your dancer will be in the group pictures regardless if you order or not. They will not have individual pictures taken as the other dancers. Please bring your picture money envelop to my house on Monday June 2nd.See class time. This will be the only time to pay Lifetouch Photography. Please do not let your child miss their group pictures even if you are not ordering. I love to have the entire dancer’s pictures up on the wall in the studio. They love to see their pictures also.
Lifetouch Studio has asked that no cameras be in the photo area- this is how they earn their money and it is not proper to take your own photos after they have set up backdrops and done so much work. Pictures will need to be mailed to you.
May Tuition is due by May 8th or at your first class. All Tuition will need to be paid byMay 23rd to dance this year in the Recital.
June Tuition will be Half Tuition ($17.50 girls and $10.00 boys); this can be paid with May’s Tuition if wanted. We will meet (7 hrs.) June 4th, the Dress Rehearsal/Pictures, Recital, and the Recital DVD Dance Party class. June’s HALF Tuition is due by Friday May 23rd and can be post marked if you want to turn it in with the check at the first of May.
Recital DVD Party-Tuesday June10th or Thursday June 12th 10:00-11:00am. Classes will end after the Recital DVD Party and start again when school starts in August. I will mail you forms this summer if you sign up for Fall Dance. The party is a highlight for the dancers. They love this party and to see themselves and the other classes dance on DVD, it is fun for them to see the benefit of all their hard work these last weeks. Bring a pillow, water bottle and Snack or healthy treat to share with everyone. The DVD shown will be a copy the professional DVD will be done later in the summer.
June 4th Wednesday Recital- 7:00 pm-UVU Ragan Theater- This is a different Location then the last 4 years. Please don’t save seats. There will be plenty of good seats. At 6:30pm the dancers will line up in their dancing order with the Class Moms in the hall. The will close their Auditorium doors for cleanup and reentry at 6:45pm. Class mom’s families will be given priory seating. The Recital starts at 7:00pm and lasts approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.
Don’t be late or you will miss out! We start on time.
Flowers- If you want to give your dancers flowers or anything else at the Recital, don’t bring them to the stage. Give them to your dancer in person later as you are leaving. Each year there are dancers that feel bad because they think I am the one who gave the other dancers the flowers.
Girls Hair–Pull up the sides to the top of the crown of the head in a hair elastic for both the Recital and the Dress Rehearsal (Half Ponytail). Hair needs to be curled and looking nice! Some girls have asked to wear pony tails or Buns, this is also fine. I just want it out of their eyes. If you have headbands with your costume please bobby pin in a (x) so they stay on when dancing. Please have their hair nice for photos too.
Girls Make-up– Light makeup for the pictures, and darker makeup for the Recital so they don’t look washed out on Stage. Little makeup for photos.
Class Mothers–I need at least 2-3 mothers per class to help with each class. I will have a sign-up sheet in the studio. Please let me know if you can help. All you need to do is help the girls put on their 2nd costume and hair bow and make sure they line up in order for their next dance. Then you can go with the girls to the stage side and watch the Recital from the side stage and take them back to the dressing area. Over the last years I have had Young Women helpers for the Recital. If you have someone who would like to help, let me know this could be an older sister, friend or former dancer (sign them up). We need lots of help to make this show run smooth. We will have a big room behind the stage and also the hall to line up in. They will have televisions that will be broadcasting what is taking place on the stage. So you can see what is happening and the dances at all times. This will be fun for the girls too. Also if you have any older daughters or friends who would like to help we can use them too.
Please no men or boys in the girls dressing area. The boys will need Mother helpers too.
Let me know if you can help. The boys will be wearing their own Levis and Hip Hop shirt they can just put their other shirt on in the boys restroom. This will be the boys changing rooms.
Please be to your class each week unless you are sick- it is really hard to practice with a few dancers missing every week. Many of the dancers have missed so many classes since we started learning the dances that they still do not know the routines yet. It is also very confusing to the other dancers to make changes without their partner there each week.
We only have 6 weeks to practice. Each dance we only practice 2 times a week because of time. Please try to be on time and stay the whole class. YOUR CLASS NEEDS YOU.

Please keep this note in your bag as a reminder
(1st date is for the Tuesday classes and 2nd date Thursday classes)
April 29th or May 1st – Girls- Utah Valley Dance T Shirt over Leotards and their own shorts. Boys- Blue Hip Hop Shirts and Levis Pants.
During your dancers class time wear the costume listed on your costume bag this helps the kids in practice to see how the costumes adds to the dance. No Leotards under unless stated on the note.
May 6th or 8th Wear your 1st costume to class
May 13th or 15th - Wear your 2nd costume to class
May 20th or 22nd - Wear your 1st costume again to class
May 27th or 29th - Wear your 2nd costume again to class
Wednesday June 4th Rehearsal/ pictures 4.00-6:30pm and Recital 7:00-8:15pm
Having the Dress Rehearsal and Recital all together, and with the combined dances will be a challenge since that is the first time to practice them together. I hope that you can help this run smoothly so we might get a little break between the Rehearsal and Recital. I could not afford to rent it longer hours and not charge $10.00 a person for tickets to get in. I thought that it may be easier to not have to travel to Orem 2 times that day also. I hope this will give you and the dancers more time in the morning to get ready too. Let me know your feedback after the Recital of how things worked. Please invite as many people as you would like to the Recital. It is free. There seating for 400, so first come seats.Please do not save seats unless they are there in the building. The front row will be taped off since my family will be helping get things set up before the show. Thanks
Your dancers are absolutely wonderful and talented. Thanks for a great year and thanks to you mom’s and dad’s also for helping your child to be able to develop their talents, gain confidence, grace, and poise and have a lot of fun in learning to express themselves. Some of your dancers have helped this year with steps for their dances and it is great to see them dream, grow, and share their talents. I hope to see each of them again in the when dance start in August when school starts.
I would like all the girls to have the same Tan tights for the Recital and for Pictures. Many of the girl’s tights are stained or ripped; please check them to see if you need new and save the new tan tights for the Rehearsal/ Recital.
If you need any of the following please purchase By Friday May 2nd.
New Tan Tights- Size_______Child $9.00 (Reg. 10.00) Adult $10.00 (reg. $12.00)
Order by May 2nd for the lower price.
If I have to place an order they will be $1.00 more added for shipping.
Skin Colored Leotards- $16.00 I have just a few left________________(These are optional).
Dance slippers 18.50-20.50 size 3 up (if needed)_____________ Size__________
Utah Valley T- Shirt- $10.00 ______________Size_______________________
You will need one for the group dance. These are to same t shirts as the last 5 years.
Sign up for Fall dance now- Class sheets are hanging in the Studio. Pay your $25.00 Fall Registration/ Prop Fee to hold your place.

Kim & Kristin Hunsaker
Utah Valley Dance
Home: 801-754-1617
Cell: 801-369-6620
Utahvalleydance.blogspot---- Songs click on them to play and to practice the dances and for other dance info
Fall Sign ups 2014-2015
Tuesday 3:15- 4:00pm Class Ages 3-5+
1. Taylor Vincent- Pd
Tuesday 4:15- 5:00pm Class Ages 6 to 8 years
1. Cierra Carter- Pd Fall
Tuesday 5:15-6:00pm Class Ages 9-14 years
1. Bryn Staheli- Pd Fall
2. Mccall Mower
Thursday 4:15- 5:00pm class Ages 5+ to 8 years
1. Rylee Carter- Pd Fall
2. Brinley Mower
Thursday 5:10-5:40Pm Class Boys Hip Hop Ages 7-14 years
1. Brock Oscarson- Pd Fall
Thursday 5:50- 6:20pm Boys Hip Hop- Ages 3-7+years (New Day and Earlier Time)
Recital Class Mothers
Tuesday 3:15 class--- 8 girls
1. Erin Huff- Mom
2. Rachel Cook and Thursday 4:15 girls andThursday Boy’s class
3. Jerrica and Savannah Smith- Girls?
Tuesday 4:15 class--- 9 girls
1. Erin Miller- girl
2. Myra Vincent- Girl?
Tuesday 5:15 class--- 8 girls
1. Ezri Staheli- (Bryn and Evyn’s Sister)
Boys-Tuesday 6:10----9 boys
1. April Miller- (Zane’s-Sister)
2. Whitney Wells- Girl?
Thursday 4:15 Class--- 12 girls
1. Tiffani Abbott- Mom and Smith girl
2. Lolila Wright- (Shelly Miller’s sister)
Boys -Thursday 5:10 class---5 boys
1. Harrison Carr- also Check and help with the Tuesday Boys 6:10class
2. Rachel Cook – and Tuesday class
Stage- Kristin Hunsaker and Cassie Flint
Stage- Susan Crowther- Kelsey Crowther
Dance Recital 7:00pm Ragan Theater
Wednesday June 4, 2014
Dress Rehearsal 4:00-6:30
Recital Party/ Picture Pickup
Tuesday June 10th or 12th at 10:00-11:00am
Please bring a water bottle, treat to share
Pillow to sit on.
Sign up for Fall Dance

$25.00 Fall/Prop Registration Fee- Holds your place