Thursday, October 13, 2011

Costumes for SALE

Bumble Bee Dress-$9.00

Pirate Dress-$9.00

Lady Bug Dress-$9.00

Dorthy Dress-$9.00

Witch Dress-$9.00

Cheetah outfit-$12.00

Blue and Black halter-$12.00

Green Dress-$10.00

Red Sparkle Dress-$18.00

Blue and white/black polka dot outfit-$5.00

Red and Black Dress-$12.00

Blue and Gold Jumper-$5.00

White and Silver tutu-$18.00

Pink Flower Dress-$5.00

Pink and Black Dress-$8.00

Red and White polka dot dress-$15.00

White and Blue polka dot jumper-$5.00

Halloween Bows-$1.50 Headbands-$3.00


I have many costumes for sale and I have attached a picture of them and also the prices are listed if you would like to buy any of them come into the studio or email me so I can save them for you. Great deals and fun for dress ups and Halloween costumes.